zondag 28 september 2008

Highlander : The Series TV Soundtrack

This is the score for Highlander,The Series
Composed by Roger Bellon released in 1998

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liamke zei


Tlkjwe zei

Hi liamke!
Read on
that you have the original score of
Serge Colbert - The Body.
Is this the 15-tracks-version?

Can you post or upload the covers for me [front/inside/back]?

Would be absolutely fantastic.

Best regards,
hope to hear from you ;)

liamke zei

Dear tlkjwe,
you can find it by or friend Peti,
here is the link from the 15 tracks version,no covers;


Tlkjwe zei

Hi liamke!
Thanks for your quick answer, but I already have the 15-tracks version.
Still searching for covers for this version.

Just found a cover art for the 20-track version, which I don't have.
Do you know where to get it?
Promo version by Cheefbrody just have 15 tracks, too...


tony zei

Hello my friend! Another nice post :)
Thanks so much for sharing this one!

liamke zei

i have only the 15-tracks version,maybe you can ask it to cheefbrody...
Good luck!