dinsdag 9 september 2008

The Affair of the Necklage

We're back !!!
So here I can present David Newman's score for The Affair of the Necklage,released in 2002
Covers are included!

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liamke zei


riddim1903 zei

Welcome back my great friend!

You asked aerlier about Jose Rael...


For anyone who would be interested in the whereabouts of his blog "Musica Del Septimo Arte" :

It's been reported by the blogger robots (ain't kiddin' that's what the statement is in answer to his inquiriy to rectify the situation)that it's determined that the blog had "spamlike" appearance ?!$&*???

He's trying to have it restored, but at the same time (believe it or not = he's already starting up a new one)Talk about a man who's the hardest workin' man in the blog-business !

Lots of credits to this brave and dedicated soul!

ZeCarlos zei

Welcome I missing you.

Jean zei

Hi liamke,

I'm back sooner because I was sik, no luck this year for my vacations. But I'm happy to be there again, and also you be there too. Thank you for this wonderfull share I love the music and the movie. I added some new in the blog when you get time just take a look.

keep care of you,