zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

The Tuskegee Airmen

I am back after a few weeks with the Film Festival in my Country Belgium ,The World Soundtracks Awards is every year a big event in "Gent",Angela Badalamenti was celebrated this year!

So far,

here i present a PROMO Score for Lee Holdridge 's score for "The Tuskegee Airmen" starring Laurence Fishburne in a hero story of American Pilots,Courage Knows No Color!!

this is one of my favarite Holdridge 's scores,i hope you will enjoy it!!

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liamke zei

tony zei

Hello my friend!
Nice post. I love Lee Holdridge. Very underrated composer in my book.
By the way, I have an unreleased Holdridge score up at my blog too :) You may already have it, but wanted to let you know. Take care.

Jean zei

Well it's now a long time,I hope your going good and also your family. Same as Tony Said, I like also very much Lee Holdidge, it seems that we have both the same taste. Very nice by this way we are never disapointed :) Thank you very much for this good Share Liamke. Hope to see you sometime ( When you have time ) :)))

liamke zei

Thanks Tony & Jean!
Jean,j'ai mis aussi un message dans ton Blog,


Jean zei

Thank you liamke I see your word. Well you get a very great moment in Gent. Yes I am a fan from Lee Holdridge in fact I am a fan from to much composers :) At this moement my taste are for the great music, I don't know why it's my taste for the moment. I'm buying 12Box From the City of prague philarmonic Orchestra, What a sound ! Did you listen to El Cid yet ? Well that's mean that the great composers never die. I Come back Soon and see your news.

Wish you all the best for you and your family,