zaterdag 27 december 2008


Visit to Miklos Rozsa 05/03/1980
Andre Gevaert and Laurent Van Bossele in London!
For the first time on the Blog!

donderdag 25 december 2008

Merry Christmas!

I Wish Everybody a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!


zondag 14 december 2008

When the light comes

When the light comes is a Stijn Coninx film with a wonderfull score by the Belgium Composer Dirk Brossé who did Boerenpsalm,Koko Flanel,Marie and Daens who was nominated for an Oscar
in 1992,it was Indochine that take the Oscar!
Dirk Brossé is also the conducter of The "FLEMISH RADIO ORCHESTRA" .
The World Soundtrack Academy Awards is every year in Ghent a great Festival,this Festival is the most important filmfestival in the World regarding Filmmusic,
It's been ignored in lots of European countries!
The score is warm and romantic,To the Edge of the World Ellen's theme and Light Main Theme are very great!