zondag 27 juli 2008

Tuck Everlasting

William Ross score for Tuck Everlasting,released in 2002 ,this time not in the shadow!

A very nice score,don't miss it....


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liamke zei


Apokalipsis999 zei

Thanks. It is a nice score indeed.

Jean zei

Thanks Limake for, this great share, In fact I'm not downloading many things, except some I'm not finding or Composers I Like very much that’s the case of William Ross. Many Thanks for it.

In some Comment I'm see that we got a common friend, Luc, One of the most kindly man of the World. It's a long time now I'm not going in his shop from the Astridlaan, 30years Ago I was each week to his shop from Antwerpen. But unfortunately Luc Was never there. As you see it's a really small world the collectors of Soundtracks. :)I Wish you all the best.

liamke zei

Merci Jean!
Mon pere a vu Luc 1 frois à Knokke,concert de Jerry Goldsmith..moi j'ai jamais vu Luc,mais j'ai aussi beaucoup soundtracks de lui....

I know what we have in this time,it's amazing...
Thanks for the comments.

Bon weekend,

Jean zei

Thank you liamke for your reply, Your father ad a great luck to see Jerry Goldsmith, I'm never see him and the same for Rozsa, I'm see many others But not the Maestro and his student. I make a new privat Blog, or privat club I make this one for the blogger in witch we can trust, and you are one of them, If you like to became a member it would be great, I can tell you more but you can and if you would send me an e-mail.I will explain you that in detail, it is like a privat area for the blogger. This are nothing special but just some discussion, special share and many things like that between us.