maandag 21 juli 2008

The World's Fastest Indian

J. Peter Robinson score for The World's Fastest Indian,starring Anthony Hopkins.
Released in 2005
Covers are included,


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liamke zei

riddim1903 zei

dear Liamke,

You have great taste. You always post things which I really love. I have met you through joserael's blog and I am glad I did. I visit your lovely website always and I never come out empty handed :)

This film maybe was not a box office hit, yet one of the most heart warming and likeable films I ever saw, and great catchy score, too.

Thanks a million! I appreciate your efforts :)

Apokalipsis999 zei

Interesting score indeed!. Thanks.

Apokalipsis999 zei

What is the link of joserael's blog?

liamke zei

you can reach him at the follow adres:
ask for an invitation,good luck!


liamke zei

thanks for your warm kind of words and your support,im very happy that i have met Peti next year and it was another world of a golden wardrobe for me,so i do my best to share with everyboy,someday i take something and another day a give something back.....

See you,

tony zei

Wonderful score friend!
Thank you again for sharing with us :)