zondag 3 augustus 2008

The Key to Rebecca

THE KEY TO REBECCA was a four-hour television adaptation released in 1984 by director
David Hemmings of the best-selling World War II spy triller by Ken Follet.
Starring Cliff Robertson,David Soul,Anthony Quale and Lina Raymond.
The music for this production was composed and conducted by J.A.C.Redford.
This recording contains all off the major sections of the score,such as the The Key to Rebecca March,Seductive theme for Wolfe Main Title,the very British sounding march for Major Vandam(Homecoming).
This was done as the composer's own tribute to Jerry Goldsmith.

Enjoy my friends!

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liamke zei


Jean zei

Whow! That's a really great masterpiece, It's a great luck for all the collector's, I'm searching this one a long time now. I'm finished to let them go , since in my mind I'm never find these. But now it's deare, I think i'm will going make a turn by luc someday, and take a look to buying some soundtracks. :) it's not vey far from me 240 km gone and back.

Keep you well liamke , with your great scores, I like very much your blog and everythings who's included.

Thank you very much to let us profited from these scores.

Ruggo zei

I had dinner a while back with J.A.C. Redford, the composer. He had worked many years doing Goldsmith's orchestrations and loved every opportunity to do his own thing.

Scoredaddy zei

Thank you

Apokalipsis999 zei

It is a very good "military" score.
It reminds me Jerry Goldsmith's style
(especially track #8). Many thanks.

riddim1903 zei


Wow, you've done it again !

Thanks for this great and uniqe piece. I really appreciate the great work you do Liamke :)

Stay well my friend.

thingmaker zei

Very nice! Thank you!