donderdag 16 juli 2009

Wit Licht

We are back,
so let we start with a great movie from the Netherlands,

Here we have a nice moviesoundtrack starring Marco Borsato,Peter Van Den Begin,Thekla Reuten and Andrew Kentu .

Directed by Jean Van De Velde.

Released in 2008


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liamke zei

sexy zei
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liamke zei

Sorry ,
Nice words,can you say it in English please,

tony zei

Hello my friend! Long time. Nice to have you back :)

BTW-- I believe the post above me is spam :(

Drop in to my blog soon!

Parzival zei

Hi Liamke,
good to see you're still posting, I too have taken it up again...

Could you tell me who is the composer of this work?
The artwork omits to give any music credits...

liamke zei

Hey Parcifal,
I do everything to keep this blog alive,i have a busy life!Somedays i have to much work and no the time to look around here on my own blog.
The composer from Wit licht (War soldier) is Nick Laird-Clowes.

See you and take care,

Parzival zei

Thanks for the info, Liamke!

Don't worry too much about not devoting enough time to your blog, you're still doing a wonderful job!