vrijdag 24 april 2009


After a few weeks of vacation we started with Craig Safan's score : "Angel" made in 1984 and released on 1994 .
Starring Cliff Gorman and Susan Tyrrell .
Susan Tyrrell plays a High School honor student by day and a Hollywood Hooker by night,herr two worlds are about two collide ,it's here choice,her chance and her life !
Craig Safan did a great job ,only 10 tracks on the promo score and hard to find in my country.


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Chris zei

Hello Liamke. Thanks for all. How to have to have the link of Craig Safan's score. It's a great composer, as many others who have not the chance to write for many movies like Cliff Eidelman, Joel McNeely. Thanks. Chris

liamke zei

here you have the link :

Chris zei

Hello Liamke. Many thanks for the link for Craig Safan's score. Many thanks. Chris

Jean zei

Liamke, I thank you very much for your email wishes, but impossible to send you one. It's always coming back with unknow adress. Your invitation are not For the one you think ;)