zondag 9 november 2008


Lee Holdridge's score Heidi,a great Overture,Heidi and Peter and Back to the Mountains are some nice themes,a wonderfull Holdridge score,
promo score released in 1993,only for collectors!!

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liamke zei


tony zei

Bravo! You've done it again my friend :) Many Thanks.

liamke zei

Thanks Tony!
I hope that everything is alright with or friend Jean,he is a filmmusic lover and a great gentlemen!

Jean zei

hello, Liamke Thank you for the Holdridge, I did know this one but I download it, and will listen in my room at Calm. I hope everything are well for you and your familly, are your father miss is job? Me not. :))) Take care of you and your familly.


liamke zei

Dear Jean,
My father was a firefighter in Gent and he loved his job very much!I have two brothers and a sister,Steven,Jeffrey and Sybille,they are also firefighters at this moment.My father was also a moviemaker and started with his friends a team called 'FILMPLOEG MIKLOS ROZSA STICHTING GENT',they did many movies for the firebrigade and historie movies from World War I ,Ypres Salient was a big hit in Belgium.

So far....