maandag 17 november 2008

The Alzheimer Case

For the fans of Stephen Warbeck i present,

Warbeck's score :

The Alzheimer Case (De zaak Alzheimer) released in 2003 was a Belgium Production directed by Erik Van Looy,a great movie maker in Belgium! He was asked to make Street Kings with Keanu Reeves but UNBELIEVABLE ;he did another Belgium movie called "LOFT".

This movie is a very nice score with some nice suites,The opening,Marseille,The Widow,Ledda and Vincke and finaly Justice are wonderfull.


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liamke zei

riddim1903 zei

Dear Liamke,

You have impeccable taste in good music, but just as importantly, you are one of those people who always displays different and uncommon pieces, which are hard to find.

Thank you and have a great weekend :)

Jean zei

I'm back, you talking in your post about "Loft", Well it's a very good one.I buy this one and it's a wonderfull music. Now I will listen Alzheimer case Too. I would like to said a big Hello to ridim it's a nice friend too, and I'm agree with wath he said about your taste,I discover many wonderfull music in your blog, A great Big Thanks.

liamke zei

Thanks Jean & Riddim for your visit!
When i have a few moments i will listen to LOFT,we have another great Belgium composer and conducter called Dirk Brossé,next week i will upload some scores from Brossé!