vrijdag 16 januari 2009

The Guns of Navarone / The Sundowners

Special limited collectors edition of Tiomkin's score "The Guns of Navarone",conducted by Nick Raine,
some extra music like Can yo do it? , On to Castelrosso , Caique leaves Harbour and ...
This album give us the Premiere Recording of "The Sundowners" conducted by James Fitzpatrick.

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liamke zei


ZeCarlos zei

Thanks Men

psar44 zei

Great Album......Thank You Very Much

riddim1903 zei

Dear Friend, what a nice share. Great music! Love your tste. Thanks a Million !

I always apreciate your work!

Princes Valiant zei

At last found some time to thank you for this one to check out.
After burned this and listened to, immediately ordered.