zondag 25 mei 2008

The Beastmaster: The Legend of Dar

One of my first and favorites scores,The Beastmaster,an adventure proposing interesting technical and spectacular effects.The most original idea is that of the animals:the eagle represents Kaan's sight,the ferrets his smartness and the black panther his strenght.
Lee Holdridge did a great score,with a fantastic Overture:The Legend of Dar.
The love theme:Princess Kiri ,The battle on the Pyramid and The New Kingdom are also wonderfull...
Enjoy !!!

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liamke zei


Altrotiroaltroregalo zei

Nice site ;)
I'd like to know if you have the soundtrack of the movie "Lochness", by Trevor Jones...
Thanks in advance!
Have a nice day :D


liamke zei

You can find it by Joserael,
good luck,

Altrotiroaltroregalo zei

Thanks a lot, Liamke...I've just seen joserael has reuploaded the score! :D
Bye ;)