zaterdag 19 april 2008

Hi Everybody!!!

It will be nice to now from everybody who visits my blog to leave something in the comments!
and say thank you if you take something....
If you have any requests,please let me now !

Het zou leuk zijn te weten ,wie mijn Blog komt bekijken.
Een dank woord zou bij deze in de berichten fijn zijn....
Indien jullie enkele request hebben ,laat het me dan weten a.u.b.

Toulemonde qui vient voir mon Blog,n'oublie pas de mettre quelque chose dans les messages et
dit merci !
Si tu as quelques request dit me s.v.p.

See you,

7 opmerkingen:

GoblinScore zei

Hello Liamke! I just found your blog via my pal Parzival's, so I look forward to your shares and discussing scores, as it seems you have good tastes so far :) Hope to return some new music to you as well. Cheers!

liamke zei

Thanks for your support!!!

Breton Girl zei

Hi, just found your blog... :)

Before i ask for a request, could you rip dvd's?

liamke zei

This blog is only for filmmusic!!
sorry no dvd's....

Breton Girl zei

I know this, maybe i had to be more clear... *blush* I'm desperately searching for The Last Emperor complete score since years (teh official release is far to be complete), and until now the ones who got the things to do this haven't got the dvd, or not the time, etc :(

Soundtrack Reader zei

wow great blog ! nice work...

thank you !

liamke zei

Sorry,never see the compl score of The Last Emperor....
Only the original soundtrack