zaterdag 29 maart 2008

Escape to Victory

This is the Promotional score from the John Huston movie with Sylvester Stallone,Michael Caine and Pélé,Bill Conti did a great job and hear i can present this wonderfull score,covers are included.


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liamke zei


ChiefDundee zei

Nice, thanks!

liamke zei

Your Welcome Chief!

GoblinScore zei

...and what a happy surprise to find THIS score, one I was just thinking of the other day! Thanks very much, your the best!!!!

Apokalipsis999 zei

Thanks for this score, from me too.

Iris M zei

Thank you very much for this soundtrack! :)

dazz22 zei

can u plz reupload escape to victory soundtrack ive been looking everywhere for it

liamke zei

This new link is from my friend Joserael:

dazz22 zei

brillant made my day thanks very much)

dazz22 zei

brillant made my day thanks)